New Selective-String Capo


Jul 14, 2011
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Anyone think this would be useful?

A Capo with individual releasable hard pads that re-tune your guitar or uke (upwards) instantly.

such as clamping your capo on the 3rd fret, but its only pressing one or two strings, or which ever strings you set it up for

you can use multiple capos together for the tuning you desire

for example, if you are playing Ki Ho'alu Guitar, at DGDGBD, you could tune it instantly to standard tuning by placing a Capo on the 2nd fret 6th & 5th & 1st strings,..

or tune to Drop C tuning, and set it up to go straight to Taro patch tuning..

your instrument would have to be tuned to the lowest tuning you'll use, though

and i'd like it to be quick release, but it may need to be held a bit more securely

any ideas on the usability/marketability of this?

anyone interested in developing this product for sale & distribution, or with connections to anyone who does?

I have connections in several Musical Instrument & Related Products factories

we'd just need to pay upfront for a mold & development fee.. or, I need someone who is interested in doing that.. someone who'd likely want to put their name on it, or knows of a company that would

if its even a useful product that you think might replace todays capos.

you can PM me and we can exchange Info and talk more in detail if u like

I work at factories all the time, overseeing ever step of design, development, production, packaging, loading, & shipping. I'm always on the ground, a rarity really

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Already out there. I just Googled "partial capo" and got these hits. I saw something like that a NAMM. They are for guitars, but you would have to work with the owner of the patent to make a ukulele one.
The idea is good, but since you didn't know about them, their marketing is failing them. I think it is a bit of a niche market.
I just saved you thousands of dollars!
These seem to have been around for a while and are quite popular in flamenco style guitar. Here's an example of Paco de Lucia using one though I'm not sure of the year (looks to be from the 60s since he was balding by the 70s). I think they actually used to drill holes through the back of the neck all the way through the fret board to get the same effect.
"Cut capos" have been pretty popular in praise and worship music for a while now. One reason they are popular is that they allow a worship leader with only rudimentary guitar skills to play "non-stressing" chords that don't try to resolve to another chord - so they can hold the chord indefinitely while they speak, etc. Those chords (Xsus and X2 chords mostly) aren't always easy to finger but the cut capo makes it easy.

Have used lots of different partial capos for acoustic guitar, some more effective than others. Over the years have seen a number of attempts at the individual, rotating type pad for each string. Think the biggest issue with those designs is the overall intonation of the instrument when dialing different combinations in. Been awhile since I've checked these out, maybe a new better version has been made?!