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Jun 20, 2013
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Just picked one up! It's great. 40% smaller, well built ,bright screen , stable quick tracking for tuning. Haven't tried the HZ tuning. looks like the HZ setting supplied are only for guitar and bass. That being said it operates like a normal tuner AND....... They fixed the weak spot on older snarks... The ball joint socket where swivel connect to the back of tuner. Looks to be built much better. A value for under $20 $Canadain$
Please tell us what it is like in a month or three! I really like Snarks (good display, locks on pitch well) but I have never had one that didn't fail in short order. Hoping the new ones are better.
Doesn't appear to be available yet in the UK.

I like the snark tuners for their clarity and accuracy but like others I've had problems with the ball joint breaking.

Mostly now I use the Planet Waves micro tuners. Their small size and compact design means they are unobtrusive and I can leave them permanently on the headstock. So far the ratchet clip has been OK which is a potential weakness.
If I can figure out how to post pictures I will do so and show you the much smaller size and much improved joint where swivel mets the back of the body of the tune. I a week of using it I'm convinced. Much better tune. Smaller, improved build and very bright and accurate screen. Highly recommend this tune.
I have a half dozen Snarks and some are several years old. Never had one fail, never broke one. I'm a gigging musician and beat these to death ... but none have died. Best tuner for the $ in my humblest of opinions. Will check out their new model for sure!
I ordered one from Amazon two days ago, and received an email a few hours ago saying that the order was being canceled because the Snark is not available.
I think the snark is an essential bit of kit for the gigging musician, mine has also had a hammering whilst on the road, it is about 4-5 years old, it never lets me down and I wouldn't hesitate in buying another should the need arise, best tuner out there
I like Snark tuners. Had troubles consistently though with the red one's ball socket breaking off. The black one (SN6) works better. If this one's smaller, that would be even better.
Before I had my Uke display cabinet, I kept my Ukes in their cases. I bought a snark for each, out of fear of leaving home without a tuner. I had one ball joint break, I called Snark, and they sent a free replacement out right away. Now, I have snarks stationed around the house in all the places I normally find myself playing. There's one in front of me right now! They are definitely the best $10 piece of equipment I own!
I ended up buying a Snark HZ at a local shop. I tuned a guitar using a black Snark, and then put on the HZ. It suggested some refinements, but I (my untrained ears) couldn't hear any difference. That's okay, though, because one can never have too many Snarks scattered around the house, in cases, in my purse, etc.
I bought a Snark a coupla years ago when I first started playing, and it's still goin' strong. I also have a Kala, but I don't like it and rarely use it. It's difficult to use and kinda fussy. It was more expensive too.

But stayin' in tune is the least of my troubles . . . :eek:ld:
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