New Tab - Can't take my eyes off you - Kris Fuchigami


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Jun 18, 2012
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Here is the detailed tab for "Can't take my eyes off you" as played by Kris Fuchigami here.

I suffered on this one but I think it was worth the effort :) I initially thought the result would be unplayable... but was pleasantly surprised. It's still a rhythmical nightmare, great for metronome practice ;) and good luck if you want to play it as fast as Kris... There are a lot of small right hand details I couldn't include in the tab.

For example : Kris seems to be able to do some half-chunks where you hear a chunk but the 4th string is ringing quite loud. I've written them as simple chunks.

There are also many triplets in this tab. I've written them as thumb down, thumb up, index up... but it's a guess as even at 8x slower you can not see clearly what he does. It could also be index down, thumb up, index up.

Note also that strums with the "a m i" finger notation mean you hit the strings with all nails (index/middle/ring).

The tab has been published on TheUkuleleReview :

Enjoy !
thanks so much bertrand! i was hoping you were going to tab out a high g sing again :D
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