New Tab - Smash the windows - James Hill version


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Jun 18, 2012
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Just received James Hill's permission to publish this tab as an unofficial transcription.

The tab covers the first part of this performance (music starts around 2'00) :

This is a traditionnal fiddle tune named "Smash the windows".

The tab is on my website here :

James plays it in D tuning but you can of course play it in C. The whole tab is played with the following right hand pattern : thumb down - index up - index down. Some notes are strummed others are picked but the pattern stays the same. This is part of the "Cherry Picking" technique James uses.

One day I'll try to tab the second part which is St'Anne's Reel (will be a lot harder).
This song is lovely, and I think it's playable in High G \o/ Thanks for the tab! :) (I'me waiting for the second part! aha)
I'll definetly tab St'Anne's reel one day, perhaps later this year. Will depend on my available time...
Don't worry, just take your time. :) I've tabbed a lot of songs and I know the work it is. Also, I began to play a little of Smash the windows, that's so tricky! :eek: This song will take me busy a lot of time....
the pattern is index down - thumb down - index up . All the time , thats the easy part of the cheri picking explain in the video by tobias, the dificult part is apply that triplette in singles string and mix all.


sory about my english
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