NEW UKE MAYBE/ PO Killing me!


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Apr 28, 2016
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3 hours south of the Florida Mouse
So my little Harmony soprano was supposed to be here Feb 28! Shipped with tracking has been MIA since Feb 27…. This morning I woke up to out for delivery..will be there by 7 PM on one site and by 9 PM on text so really..not holding out much hope…prayers y’all!
I feel your pain, as do many others, I bet. 😞
We need to start a thread, "post your most frustrating story involving a uke shipment". :rolleyes:
Wishing you better luck and a NUD!
Congratulations, Sally! Hopefully, you enjoy it so much, you soon forget about the stressful wait time. Enjoy!
She is lovely.. has a set of worth browns coming.. granddaughter picked out a gig bag for her at the local music store. she’s almost 3 so the pink Hawaiian flowers were a no brainer and after all, she will inherit it.. Tomorrow, I’ll go play with her on the beach! Can’t wait!
Well you answered my unspoken question about strings. Been thinking about something other than clear nylon ropes ... er, strings, on my Harmony soprano. I was thinking nylgut but would love to hear what you think about the Worths. Have fun at the beach!
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