NHL Playoffs!

2 Game 7s tonight! Woo Woo! Go Canes! Go Caps!
I just found Vs. on the hotel tv and found a couple of tasty beers at the BP. GO CAPS!! Sorry Hobgoblin Steve this is the way it has to be.:D

Steve has been very quiet in this thread since the Caps started their comeback
Well, I think it's pretty safe to say now that the Rangers are going to take that series. Steve must be very happy.

I haven't given up hope for the Caps yet. They really need to pull one out of their arses tonight if they want to keep their slim chances alive.

yes thats correct, Lundqvist frustrates Ovechkin.

The Rangers WILL take this series.

Nuff said. GO CAPS!!! (and Hersey Bears, you know what I am talking about)

Have to admit (win or lose) heck of a series.
Canes and Caps... good night! Rayan is hot... Let this guy make your picks.
bleh... the only one i didnt call was the Devils getting beat... seriously that could have been for The Cup. Both teams were so evenly matched.
I gotta say though:
The Rangers have overcome a huge obstacle going through the last 20 games of the regular season, and then taking this series to 7.

To Tom Renney;
Thanks for getting us this far its been a HUGE turn-around for this organization. You brought playoff hockey back to New York, and did what you can to this team. While I thought you were no more than an assistant coach (because honestly...thats what you were) you did one heck of a job. And for that I salute you, you are one great coach, a real players coach. As one whose played competitive hockey his whole life, ive got to say, I wish I was a player under you.

To the team;
As a team composed of second and under liners, Ive got to say, youve done real well.
To Scott Gomez and Chris Drury:
youve done just what weve asked you to do. Youve gotten youre 60-70 points, And for that I thank you. I thank you for getting us this far, and I thank you for giving us some hope.
Chris Drury;
While I thought you were a great choice for captain (And I mean GREAT) Ive stopped believing in you. Early in December you've said that the losses your team has endured were no big deal, and that it was not going to "ruin your Christmas". Since then, Ive come to know you as "Captain Moneybags", and your leadership on and off the ice have been terrible. While I dont know what goes on in the lockerroom, I know what you do/say towards the media. I know that you dont like to talk, and I also know that you dont argue with the Refs. I look at you as an overpaind second liner. Also you played the last 2 regular games, and every playoff game with a broken hand, thats guts man.
This next segment is towards Scott Gomez:
Im sorry, but youve got to go. Youre a great player on a "Trap" team, but honestly, on this team, you dont fit. I dont like your skate to the blue line, go five feet into the attacking zone, and stop, look for a pass, cough it up, let up a chance style. Honestly I love your play, but for this team I just dont see it happening anytime soon. I really hope they move you to Carolina, Tampa Bay, Calgary, Atlanta, Detroit,Pittsburgh, or Columbus. Those are the teams that play that attacking style you love. Those are the teams I think youd be best suited for. Hell, go to Pheonix, where Prucha, and Jokenin are(were). They play that style.
To Wade Redden;
Go back to Ottawa.
To Dan Girardi;
I love you in the most unhomo way possible. I think youre an awesome player, and Id root for you in any other team. It seriously makes me feel like s** that I want you off this team, but I really think youd benefeit on a different team. Youre my favorite player on this team,but as much as it pains me, I want you gone.
To Colton Orr,
Youre the best heavytweight weve got. Itd be real sad if you were gone, though I know you will be.Those skilled and tough fourth liners are a hard breed to come by. seriously.
To Marcus Naslund,
20 goals to fill Jagrs spot dont cut it.You were brought in to fill some shoes. You dissapoint. You had a good playoff run, but not like Jagr could have. Call me Jagr-Biased, but he would have put up a goal tonight.
Go back to Vancouver with the Sedins.

To John Tortorella,
Thanks for coming in 14 games left, securing us a spot, and getting us(New Yorkers) 7 more games, we really appreciate it. I really hope you can mold this team into something next year. so far its looking real good.

To the City of New York,
Can you be any more invisable? Today I went to school and saw no Ranger Jerseys, Hats, or Shirts. On the Train (Mass Transit) I saw no Ranger Jerseys, Hats or Shirts. on the Streets, saw no Ranger Jersey, Hats or Shirts. In the City, the "Heart" of New York, Times Square, I saw 5 Ranger Jerseys. I hate this town.

To the Caps fans;
A team that can beat the (possibly) worst team in the playoffs, I salute you. I hope you win so I can say Ive lost to the best team this year. Seriously, way to beat a lower seed, what a great accomplishment, especially with a coaching and personnel change.
Brashear, youre a joke and an embarrassment to the NHL, youre a goon who resembles Oggie Oggelthorpe and that cheap shot was UNcalled for.
OV, I think youre a great player, and a great person to watch. I think youre a boost ot the NHL, but there are SO many hits you give that warrant a penalty. When you leave your feet to hit someone, thats boarding.When you act like an ass after you celebrate youre 45th goal, thats being an ass. I know. Youre a real good player and Id take you on my team any day, but some things need to go. I gotta agree with Don Cherry on this, stop acting like a fool.
great job getting over 40 shots and 1 goal.

To Varlamov(sp)
I dont think you were spectacular, but I do think you were real solid. I hope you become a rookie cup winner, and a starting goalie with WSH. you deserve it.

(Postponed till later because my CPU just decided to kill itself;Im not done)

Edit:maybe I am, Drunk as hell, and ive got class soon.

Edit 2: shaved my playoff beard.
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2nd Round picks everyone!

I dunno if I can get em all right again like I did in the first round



I think in the East, the game 7s will have taken it's toll on the teams although, there is this weird phenomenon that happens sometimes in the playoffs that teams that finish their series in 4 sometimes get cold and lose momentum waiting and both the Canes and Caps went to game 7s. I do think however that Boston and Pitts are more skilled and they will take their series.

The West is REALLY tough because I really think if the Ducks make it past the Wings, they'll be going to the Stanley Cup finals. The way that they are playing now is very reminiscent of their 07 cup run. However it is Detroit we're talking about, defending champs + Marian Hossa.

The Blackhawks / Canucks series is going to be a barn burner. I think the Canucks will be able to edge it out in the end but I would love to see Chicago move on to the next round.
Canucks looking strong



I'm a flat out biased Canucks fan. Even trying to be objective though, they are looking really good right now (or were over a week a ago when they played their last game!) There'll be some great hockey in this series with Van taking it in 6.

Detroit overcomes the surging Ducks in 7.
here in detroit we're thinking it'll take the wings 6 games to beat the ducks. I'm just not looking forward to 10 o'clock game times.
here in detroit we're thinking it'll take the wings 6 games to beat the ducks. I'm just not looking forward to 10 o'clock game times.

Well now they need to win the next 3 to do that. I am roouting for the Wings. But talk about peaking at the right time for the Ducks.

Go Caps!
I know, it sucks that they have to win 3 straight now. I want them to get through it and I want the capitals to knock out that wuss crosby. I would like to see a Wings vs Capitals final.
3 Game 7's in the next two days. This playoff season has been awsome.


One of the most exciting series I have seen. The whole 2nd round has been unbelievable.

I got my Caps t-shirts from Deach, so I'll be supporting the cause today at 1:00pm HST!
So Bummed the Caps lost tonight. It was a demonstration of how much Hockey is a momentum game. Those 2 quick goals in the first made the team worry about their goalie. When a team is worried about their goaltending, they don't play with confidence and it really wrecks their brains. Seen it happy too many times. Once Varlamov got chased, and Theodore was sent in, there was no way the Caps were gonna win.

Deach just sent me 3 hot Caps t-shirts. Oh well. Still gonna wear them through the playoffs.
Yeah it looked like the Pens had their way with the Caps. Kind of a crappy game seven if you ask me. All the other games were close, I would have loved a game 7 OT.

Well Congrats to the Pens. They played a heck of a series.

Now I am going to have to say GO Wings!
I wanted them to beat that whiney baby crosby.


I was on the Canucks bandwagon for the west and Bostons wagon for the east.

ah well, I didnt really watch this rouds series too indepth, I probably watched 10 games or so.

eh, LG Rangers!

edit: oh wait..
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