Niche Uke made by Hawaiian Luthier. Can’t find this uke anywhere on the net to get an idea of value.


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May 10, 2024
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I have acquired a Guitelele made by Tangi of Hawaii.. I’ve heard and read mixed reviews on Tangis work and well.. most of his Ukuleles online that u find in reverb and eBay, etc; are all going for 500+ with the exception of a few who seem to just want it off handed.. I cannot find a single instance of a Tangi Guitelele though. Not one that’s sold in the past or any priced today or even any that are simply discussed.. so I was hoping someone with encyclopedic knowledge could help a brotha out and give me some solid advice and maybe history in this sort of Guitar / Ukulele made by Tangi.

All are welcome to input their opinions and knowledge of course!! Thanks in advance!!


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Tangi was a fairly popular brand in Honolulu during the late 20th century. My mom bought 2 solid koa sopranos directly from the shop that still look and sound great. She plays one herself and gave the other one to a granddaughter as a high school graduation present. I believe the company was a father-son team of luthiers that built ukuleles in Honolulu for some time, then started importing them from Vietnam at some point. I seem to recall they closed the business after the father had a serious illness. Pricing for the made-in-Honolulu ukuleles was lower than Kamaka, but quality was also a little lower. No idea how much a guitelele is worth now. I doubt there is any collector value, like there would be for a Kamaka. If it is solid wood in excellent playable condition, it might be worth a few hundred dollars to someone who plans to play it.
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