Nintendo 3DS UU Friend Codes!

Hey everyone!

Who all has a Nintendo 3DS? I just got one today and picked up a copy of Street Fighter IV with it. It's a really sweet system and the 3D is one of the coolest gimmicks I've every seen.

My 3DS friend code is 4983-4973-4370. Post yours here and we can play online!
adeed you

I have added you the jumping flea and my friend code is 1375 7403 1019my name is eli
Rayan i have added you my friend code is 1375 7403 1019 my acount name is eli
I'm adding everyone above me in this thread! If you want to add me - 5241-3201-6218
I'm currently playing Heroes of Ruin but I'm curious to try Swapnotes. Someone plz send me one. :)
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