No longer available No Longer for sale.... Talsma Spruce and Walnut Ditson Soprano

I want this uke and the Koaloha pineapple soprano- oh yes, and that Takumi! Yargh!
The fact that any of them are still available is mind-blowing!
Back on the Market.. An amazing uke, I just don't love spruce. I would be shocked if this would not be your best playing uke no matter what you have. I am hoping he will make me one on 'hog.
Ditson 3.jpegDitoson 2.jpegDitson 1.jpeg
We can go $900! Glad to play for you via zoom. I can literally play this for a couple of hours without my hand getting tired. I have two Talsmas, and probably will get this same one in a hardwood.
Could you do a sound?
Price drop again, $850. Shocks me that someone does not want a Talsma. I have two, and may replace this identically but in 'hog. I can almost promise this would be your best playing uke.
🤤🤤🤤 GLWTS! I'm not even a soprano player but this is a lovely looking instrument
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