Non-wound .017" Nylon or Fluorocarbon string to fit banjo


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Jan 7, 2015
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Franklin, TN
My father is looking for a non-wound 0.017" diameter string to fit his Van Eps 5-string banjo. He uses this diameter on string 1 and on string 5 because that's what Fred Van Eps told him to use. He's down to his last spare string.

Any ideas as to source?

Nylon or Fluorocarbon is okay. String packages he has found for the 5-string banjo include thicker diameter strings which he does not want.
Hmm, that's really thin. That's 0.4318 mm. I see from the Living Water page that the smallest soprano string is 0.52mm.

Southcoast doesn't give the sizes on the website but maybe one of the XLU strings would be close. Worth an email to Dirk.
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