Nope Redux


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Oct 3, 2021
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I'm redoing my Nope themed song contest because a) a few people said they had entries but forgot to post them in time and b) I admit the rules were a bit too niche last time.


- You must perform a song about a 'nopey' subject such as spiders, heights or ghosts. Yes, Antje Duvekot's song Vertigo counts. Songs about toxic people also count since there's an element there of 'noping' out of a situation.
- Ideally you should use the word nope somewhere in the title or lyrics but you don't have to!
- Deadline is 31 October this time around
- Winner gets a small box of chocolates from Amazon.

Nopes away. People talk about singing from the heart, I want to hear you sing from the adrenal medulla lol.
I reckon I can come up with something this time... I wasn't paying attention properly last time...
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You have 2 months so good luck! :D
the word "nopey" sounds pretty endearing to me, LOL.

Jon and I wanted to do a song by Ed's Redeeming Qualities the first time round and then we got busy doing other things.
we will get to it this time.
i am guessing it is 1 song per person?
i will let Jon submit that other ERQ song. 😅

here is one i just did, also by them, about toxic people.
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There are a few monster lyric variants of Jolene out there on the internet. I prepared a version, too late, for the last Nope contest - and omitted the word Nope. So here it is for this one.

Ooh now that's a strong contender. I like the glossy timbred uke too.
Guys I'll be judging this and picking a winner at the end of this month - get your Nopes in soon! :D
Okay yall. I declare joo the winner because that song has a certain uncanny valley aesthetic that she managed to nail very well.

@joo PM me your address and a small box of chocolates from Amazon will be on the way soon :D
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