NUD - Beau Hannam Tenor - Redwood and Koa - Camino Inlay


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Nov 5, 2012
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It's a dry heat
This is a wonderful instrument. The build quality and design are at the highest level.

I am impressed with the tone. Each string rings true. The intonation is spot on.

Working with the builder, Beau Hannam was very interactive and cooperative. He brings a high level of artistic imagination to his work. He took my simple description of some possible ornamentation for the headstock and made it a scene that captures my experience on the Camino de Santiago.

The pictures and video were taken by Beau and it is Beau playing the sound sample.



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Wow! Another beautiful custom to drool over. Very original and well done inlay. Enjoy it!
Very nice! Congratulations and welcome to the club. I have been following the pictures of this build on Beau's Instagram page, and it makes me happy to see it was for one of us...
A true beauty to commemorate a special experience. Congrats!
Congrats, that is a truly beautiful instrument. I wish it was mine!
What's the fretboard decoration made of? It's a bit hard to make out in the video, but I love how it ties the colour of the soundboard through to the headstock scene.

The fretboard marks are the same amboyna burl as the path on the headstock. Beau's art is as strong as his building craft.
Congrats! That is one mighty fine lookin uke. I drooled over the pics he posted on FB....
Very nice to have it so personalized! Congrats on such a fine instrument!
ThAt is one of the coolest headstocks I've ever seen.
Beau --

Only there's one serious problem with your Ukuleles... they are way too nice for my wife to ever let me have one! :iwant:

By, the way if you are in Grand Junction you aught to play with trying to inlay some of the local desert rocks from around there in your instruments. I used to go out in the desert (with my aunt in Fruita) around there when I was a kid and collect things like fragments of agatized dinosaur bone...

-- Gary
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Love the little diamond shape end graft around the pickup pin. Just got to love all the little artistic details that Beau implements, no detail is too small for him.
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