New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Flight Diana TE Soundwave


Jan 8, 2018
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Willamette Valley Oregon
Arrived yesterday afternoon,
Great build quality, and fantastic sound. The Cedar is bright but has an incredible warmth at the same time, I am surprised by tremendous sustain. Strings are still settling. Nut and saddle height are spot on as is the intonation.
Will have more time today to get better aquatinted with it and dive into the Soundwave.
Thrilled to say the least. :)

Looks lovely. Congratulations! Flight makes some good looking ukes. Eye candy for sure. And not bad on the ears.
It's beautiful! Congratulations!
This is one that I am interested in for myself and/or wife. How are the frets finished? How is the neck finished (C shape, V shape)?

Frets needed no touch up, zero sharp frets.
The neck is a C shape but shallow, much better than a typical import C shape.
And it is finished in satin.
The fretboard and bridge were looking a bit dry, an application of F-ONE took care of that.
Build quality and finish quality are above its price point.
Congrats! Nice instrument. Seems like Flight is all set up to knock Kala right on its keester.
Honestly, I agree. Flight is all over Kala.
No malice against Kala, I have had some nice playing Kala instruments but Flight is delivering a step up in quality.
The only place Kala has it over Flight is with the Ubass.
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