New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: KoAloha Soprano

Comparing this to my vintage Gibson soprano and vintage Martin concert, this has a much more “Hawaiian” sound. It seems more plinky, and not as bass heavy, but the notes are very clear and defined. It has far more volume and sustain than the Gibson. Almost as loud as the concert. Whereas the two vintage ones seem suited for more bluesy or even rock and roll type music, this seems to have a more modern ukulele music sound, which I suppose makes sense since it is modern 🤪

The Gibson has a much more raw sound, almost like it’s being overdriven, if such a thing makes sense to describe an acoustic instrument. The KoAloha just seems so much more, I don’t know, luxurious, I guess?

I really like it so far, and am bonding with it quickly.

Thanks everyone for sharing in my excitement with me
Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the neck wood would be in this era? I’ve seen both koa and mahogany mentioned in various places online. I think the newer ones may be using sapele.
Congrats! I love the way they carve the name into the bridge. Very classy.
Congratulations gustophersmob! I wish you many happy hours together and I thank you for the beautiful pictures of that gorgeous soprano.

Very nice! Such beautiful wood grain.

My 2014 sapele KoAloha Opio was part of the first batch of revised Opio non-Hawaii ukes back then. It also has the embossed headstock logo and KoAloha name on the bridge. I think that the bridge changed to plain once they stopped making them in sapele.
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