NUD: Risa Les Paul solid body electric ukulele

I hope so, they are going to take a look at it tomorrow to adjust it and set it up. To be honest, I tend to be a nervous Nellie so unless it becomes perfect I will probably return it since there is only a seven day return policy. Fingers crossed they fix it.
How did this work out? I have the same problem with my Risa LP.
I am a frustrated rock goddess, so I made a splurge purchase yesterday to indulge the wannabe in me. I saw a Risa Les Paul solid body ukulele in black and couldn't resist it. My spouse, who usually discourages my uke purchases was even enamored enough to mutter, "You are going to have to teach me how to play that thing."

I am out of town right now and have no amp to plug it in, but look forward to playing it amped when I get back home. As others have noted, it comes with a flimsy gig bag, so I am nervous getting it home, but will put it on top of my other uke's fiberglass case in the overhead compartment.

My all-time favorite musician is B.B. King. I know his Lucille was a different model style of black Gibson, but since he inspires me, it is modeled after a black Gibson electric guitar, and it is an ukulele purchased in Hawaii (albeit a German one), I gave her the Hawaiian translation of Lucillle for her name - Lukila.

A quick photo of it:View attachment 97860

Since I cannot record one now this is a sound sample of the same kind of uke:

Very nice.
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