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Jun 8, 2012
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When the Koalana's came out in sapele about two years ago, I got one of the Concert Koalana's from HMS. It's been one of those ukes I've kept as others have come and gone. It is incredibly resonant; offering the Koaloha sound with a bit less brightness and a little more depth.

However, mine cracked. I had thought that I was going to escape this curse as everyone I know who bought a Koalana had their crack and sent it back. Mine has had some separation at the seams, and then I noticed recently that it had outright developed a crack through the back.

I emailed Koaloha because they have their "better than the weather" warranty. It took them a couple of days to get back to me because of NAMM and because they are moving, but I got an email in response saying that rather than fix my crack they'd send me a replacement for the Koalana, that they don't make it any more but it is the same as the newer Opio. A few emails and some stuff sent back and forth later, and I received a brand new Koaloha Opio Concert.

Other than few minor details like branding and different tuners, the Opio is completely identical to the Koalana that it replaced. The Opio though is even better. The fit and finish is done right. The sound is virtually identical to the Koalana except that it seems to have a tiny bit more sustain than my Koalana had. I am totally blown away that Koaloha was so fantastic about honoring their warranty. And I am seriously impressed with the Opio concert. IMHO it is one of the best deals, maybe the best deal in a concert ukulele. I am curious to see what the tenors bring.

I will note that what you lose with the Opio over the Koa Koaloha is finish. The Opio is really left unfinished. My Koalana developed quite a shine in spots and was pretty unprotected. The Sapele wood is kind of cheap looking too. So from a cosmetic standpoint the Opio is quite plain. But it sure is a great player.
I love a story with a happy ending. I have an Opio concert as well and will echo everything you said. They really are an outstanding uke at that price or even double that price. So glad everything worked out well for you. It is pretty rare to be taken care of like that by any company now a days. Koaloha does it right.
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I also agree. This is one great uke that seems to be flying under the radar without much talk about it. I love the warm tone, fantastic sustain and woody looks. And to top it off, you even get a bound fretboard. I mean where else can you find that at that price range? Mine plays like butter - its a keeper.
If I didn't already have a koaloha concert that I love, I'd be so interested in one of these.

As is, I'm waiting on what the price/reviews will be like for the tenor version.
Am I the only one whose KoAlana concert hasn't cracked?

Seriously. Congrats on the Opio. I've always thought the polish from playing was a sign of love. Great ukulele.
Congrats! And what great service. Can't wait to receive my Koaloha tenor, the first one to have the wood rosette.
Those Ko Aloha people are really something. Something wonderful.
What a nice story.
Am I the only one whose KoAlana concert hasn't cracked?

Seriously. Congrats on the Opio. I've always thought the polish from playing was a sign of love. Great ukulele.

I thought I was the only one whose KoAlana had not cracked, but then it did. The Opio is virtually the same as the Koalana.
Congrats S,
Happy strummings..yes my KoAlana never cracked on're right about the warmer tone....still have mine :)
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