NVUD #2 Crazy Flamed Kamaka


Jan 30, 2013
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Durham, NC
So one of my new "favorite sellers" has let go of another amazing Kamaka, a soprano this time. However, the Koa on this White Label vintage rivals some of the nicest you'll see by many of Hawaii's great builders. Even though the Koa on back isn't made from the same flamed wood, it's still incredible. So crazy flamed Koa was around way back when, but you just hardly ever see it, not sure why.

I've played a lot of White Label Kamaka's but rarely have I found one with the "bark" and warmth of this one. I'm going to attribute the warmth to the low G he shipped on it, but the voice is in line with it's looks! He's a firm believer in ToneRite for opening up his ukes, and uses one on each ukulele, so that maybe that's part of why my 2 ukes I got from him sound as good and probably better than any other Kamaka's I've played, vintage or modern, with the exception being my Spruce topped tenor. This new to me soprano will replace my one vintage Kamaka soprano (up for sale soon).

And since I believe I've gotten all the ukes I need from him, let me introduce this seller as our own Scott Dambrot, singer, song-writer and fellow uke player. You can hear some of his songs here - www.SCOTTDAMBROT.com
I should also add, Scott is a wealth of info especially on Kamaka's and other high end ukes! Great guy and always ready to put his 2 cents into discussions!

Now for some pics!

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Bellissimo! That koa is special.
Oh my gosh the back! Ur not kiddin' about the crazy flame.
That is GORGEOUS and in such good condition too. Does not look like a vintage instrument at all. Congratulations!
it's absolutely stunning brother.
in my experience, Kamaka white label sopranos are some of the best sounding ukuleles ever built.
congratulations mate!
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