NY Ukefest this Saturday


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Jun 14, 2008
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Tarpon Springs, FL
I'm looking forward to attending this event on Saturday and I hope to meet some Ukulele Underground contributers in person. I'm not sure if we'll have name badges, but hopefully folks will recognize me from the Barnkickers website/CD. I'll be sitting in with Jim & Liz Beloff on Saturday evening and Laird Boles from Tripping Lily is kindly letting me use his upright bass (I had been planning to use my Kala U-Bass). Seveb of the performers who appeared on the "Square Pegs" compilation CD will be appearing at the uke fest, so it may be a good opportunity to get your copy signed...Jim Beloff will be selling this and other CD's at his vendor booth.

- Steve
I'll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Looking forward to meeting more UUers. Awesome that you get to play with Jim and Liz. They're super nice people.
I just signed up for all day Saturday.

However, I don't see any schedule details. Their schedule page is confusing, and doesn't mention when doors open, or when vendors will be available.

This is my first ukefest, so I don't know the layout or organization.

I'm assuming I should bring a uke or two with me... is that reasonable for the beginner classes (or is it lecture style)?

Thanks in advance
So, does anyone have information about when doors open or any useful tips for a first time UkeFest attendee?
I'm leaving at 9am so I can get a good deal on parking (in before 10 am out before 10 pm for 16.99 ) Then go to Baruch and pick up the ticket..... Have brunch at the Limeryck Diner with my daughter and then go back to Baruch by 11:30..... The Ukefest opens at 12 but there are plenty of people to hang out with....... Make sure to get familiar with the floor plan and know the room where your workshop is going to be (bring your uke and a spare gig bag for the one you'll purchase)...... After the concert head over to the Hotel for some gigging.....
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