Oahu Ukulele Club?


Mar 28, 2011
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Oddly enough, it seems that everywhere else in the world has an ukulele club but Hawaii?

I'm looking for a ukulele club in Honolulu, Hawaii. Anyone know of a group?


Perhaps not a club per se, but theres a group that plays Hawaiian music at the community center at Paki Park on Monday nights (7p?).

It's mostly older (seniors?) players and they tend to have a rather structured approach to playing most songs, but it's a regular group!

Sometimes Eddie Kamae has been know to appear and play a couple of songs!

keep uke'in',
Thanks Uncle Rod.
I too have been looking for a group to play with on Oahu. There is the Abrigo Ohana Kanikapila that happens once a month at Waimea and Bishop Museum, but that is not just ukuleles it is open to all instruments. Go to www.abrigoohana.com for more information, I do enjoy going to those.

What I personally am looking for is an ukulele group in West Oahu, in the Ewa / Kunia / Kapolei area. I played with a group in California for a few years and I really miss it since I moved to Oahu. It has gotten to the point where I think I may just have to start a group myself. I asked at the Ewa by Gentry community association and they said we could meet there, there is a large park, nice restrooms, covered area by the pool with plenty of chairs, etc.
Anyone interested in playing some Hawaiian music after work sometime? I have a large songbook from my previous club or we could use He Mele Aloha.
Another aspect I enjoyed about the group I played with was that in addition to just meeting and playing together, a few times a year we would perform at Hawaiian themed events around Southern California. I would very much like to do that sort of thing again.
Aloha Bruce and Uncle Rod ~

I know what you mean. Whenever I go home to Honolulu to visit my family, I want to play ukulele with other folks but have never found an ukulele club to play with. Seems like some players are already gigging somewhere of just jamming with their friends. My 81 yr. old mother attends the Moiliili Senior Center, they all play together and sometimes gig out. I play with my mom when I'm there. While it's precious time with my mom, I miss playing with others.

I have 2 ukulele groups here in Chicago. Both are open to the public. We only play ukuleles, but occasionally some of us also play the kazoo and a tambourine. And I allow 1 guitar player. I've been approached by a number of people who ask if they can bring their mandolin, guitar, banjo, other string instruments. I tell them, 'no', we're an ukulele group but there's a Farmers Market band in the area whose members play all those instruments and more.

If someone starts an Ukulele club in Honolulu, I would so attend!

Aloha ~
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