Obstacles to practicing…

I have one of those practice interruption units. He'll be sound asleep on his chair, then he'll notice that I'm doing something that requires both hands that does not have anything to do with either feeding or patting him, so he comes over and yells at me as I try to practice. This is Mr. Stubbi while I'm not practicing (he still moved JUST as I clicked the photo):

I just transitioned from a laptop to a desktop computer after exclusively using a laptop for years. The monitor now being right at eye level with a sitting cat has led her to discover the joys of chasing the cursor...my nice shiny new monitor is now covered with cat snot/spit as she noses at/tries to bite the cursor in between walking back and forth in front of my face and stepping all over my keyboard every time I try to use the computer.

Practice time is often interrupted by her yelling at me and bringing me toys because "Oh, you're sitting down? Must be play time!"
Wife, walking into the room and immediately turning on the television or starting a discussion on something she found online. Is she trying to say something? 😄
"U can't touch this!"

And yes, I have a mouse in my left hand, a uke in my right, and in the middle a cat who is bored with chasing the cursor but has found a way to block the keyboard without actually pressing any keys.
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My cat is such an appreciative audience that it encourages me to practice. He also encourages me to brush my teeth. He comes running for pets when he hears the electric toothbrush. Here he is in his box seat.

Work wears me out sometimes, so I don’t have mental energy to practice. That’s the main obstacle.
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