Official Ukulele Giveaway Contest Thread!

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Nov 25, 2007
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Kauai HI
We are giving away a Kala KA-S Ukulele to a lucky member in our forums.


To enter, you simply have to be a member of the ukulele underground forums and post a message in this thread.

Entries will be accepted until the end of February 2008. We will announce the winner on March 1st.

Members who joined the forum prior to January 13 2008 will automatically be given 2 tickets in the hat upon entering.

All members can get another entry into the hat if they can get another ukulele player to join our forums. The referral must say who referred them with their entry post for it to count. Refer as many people are you can to increase your chances of winning.

Don't cheat and try to make more than one account for yourself. That just ruins it for everyone.

This is just the first of many giveaways we have planned. Thank you all for your support of the site so far.

Good luck!:D
do we still have to design a logo?? and thats heaps good, cant wait!

Thanks for the contest UU. This would make a great uke for my son. Good luck everybody. Aloha.
lol count me in? i drew something! not the best, but its my best.. maybe the logo is to big?? so give me a chance, or a brand new ukulele! haha jokes. ok.. just figuring out how to put the pic on :S

what do you think? :D


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ok so ill explain whats going on.

i thought i would chose like a hawaiian background, ukuleles..hawaii?? so its a palm tree to the right, with "i love uu" ( u know how love people carve there names ?? ) I couldnt scan it because printer wasnt working... so i took a photo on mi shitty camera :)

then u have the ukulele burried in the sand with like little grass things comming out to represent life.. as ukulele underground, yes its been done haha its the current logo.. didnt think of it until now!

the round thing is the sun rising... and the glar of the morning sun, doesnt look like it :s

then you have the seaweed i think it was?? in the water!

.. so tell me what u think and if you like it... or ways i can improve it.. LOL maybe color?? :S

but thans anyway guys, great contest!

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeee. I want that uke!!
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