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If Ohana is going into direct competition with the 4K's and best of class custom builders , I'd like to see them offer Kiwaya level Martin style ukuleles as well .
These new USA made Ohana may be wonderful, but the price point appears to be out of line from their other models. The current three listed at SUS are "prototypes" and they expect the price point to be around $3,000 upon the regular release. And that is crazy for what I assume are a group of SoCal luthiers perhaps making their first top end line of ukuleles. They are taking their reputation for excellent Asian made ukuleles and jumping way past the price points of the three Ks, aNueNue, and other custom made ukuleles. Baz gave it a high rating, but does not take price into account on his site.

These will compete with a market that might include the Kanile'a D series deluxe, the Kamaka HF3D deluxe, the KoAloha Red Labels, a Kinnard custom tenor, and a Barron Rivers tenor with a few upgrades. All of these have a track record that the Ohana USA group does not, so I agree with merlin666's statement of it not being on the list of contenders. There has been much discussion of the Kala Elite line and how it is wonderful and often equal to the three Ks at a lesser price point. Here, it will be equal or greater in cost to its competitors, which makes it a nonstarter for me.
I DO take price into account. It's in the scores, the written review and I talk about it in the video???
It is unclear if any of these on the site are what is being reviewed by Baz. I am guessing that these fancier ones are made by the top luthiers overseas. I understand that the California location will be introducing a "Made in USA" line and the current ones on SUS are prototypes (including the one Baz reviews).

On the SUS site, they write that they expect a price around 2,400 pounds (which is what I converted to get the $3k USD), but that might include their VAT. So they may be slightly cheaper elsewhere.
No - all the custom ukes are made by the same luthier in Long Beach, CA
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