Ohana Cynthia Lin Solid Mahogany Electric Concert Uke


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Oct 3, 2023
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Lake Tahoe
Hey all! Just wanted to share my take on this uke that I've had for a couple of years now. My first ukulele was a basic mahogany laminate and when I was ready to upgrade I thought this was a cool model as I learned to play from Cynthia Lin on Youtube.

It's all solid mahagony and it is a beautiful looking instrument with a nice gloss to it and a abalone hibiscus inlay on the fretboard. It comes with a tweed hard case as well from Ohana that is very nice. The pickup on it is tidy and works well as well as the tuner that it is outfitted with. I added two strap buttons and use a small fender amp with it and it actually produces a really sweet distorted kind of punk rock sound when tweaked right haha...fun for playing punk renditions of songs like Stand By Me.

Acoustic though it is loud and bright but it comes with Worth Brown strings that warm it up just the right amount. It's super comfortable to play.

I got it from Aloha City Ukes for about $500 and I think it was the perfect upgrade from my first instrument. It's beautiful and I did drop it once and am so annoyed it has 2 small dings in the finish now but I guess that gives it character. Overall super happy with it and really enjoy playing it which is what matters most! I think it is a decent bang for the buck with all that it comes with. It also came with extra strings and cleaning stuff in a little package as part of the Cynthia Lin line.
Thanks for the review! It's great to hear about people's experiences with all these different models, so thanks a lot for contributing.
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