Ohana Visit - Checking Out the New Custom Shop!

They had a booth at the LA Ukulele Festival manned by the luthier and showing some of the ukuleles. They looked good. I cannot attest to the sound as I am always intimidated by the moment to try to demo one in front of someone showing me it (included when I was at TUS).

Again, they looked good. But the luthier is unknown to me and the track record of Ohana ukuleles being made in Asia would not apply here since it is a single luthier in their SoCal shop. Looks like the price points would be in the range of ones such as Kinnards and Barron Rivers, but much of the money would go toward the artwork and inlays since there is no track record of sound signature yet.
If you go to the Ohana Custom Shop

You can click on the individual ukuleles and listen/watch videos of each instrument. They do sound lovely.
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