Old vs new high-end Kala fretless U-bass models -- Which is better?


Sep 4, 2023
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The currently available high end fretless Kala is the EM-FS.
Is this equivalent to the old SMHG-FL?

They are both solid mahogany. They both use black strings, but I do not know if they are same black strings.

What are the differences? Is the tone the same? Is the preamp the same? Any other differences?
The EM-FS isn't solid mahogany, it's laminate. They both use Pahoehoes, probably. For the same price, get the old solid mahogany! Older is better, IMHO.

Actually, I don't think the EM-FS is fretless...
Thank you for your advice. I just ordered a SMHG-FL from Reverb. Can't wait. It comes with a case and with wound strings. Also with two nuts, one for wound strings and one for nylon strings.

I am looking for an upright double-bass sound, so I might change out the strings. Would you recommend ThunderGuts or Road Toads for an upright bass sound?
Nice! I would use Road Toad Pahoehoes, for a nice, easy, soft feel and that mellow upright sound. That's how the Ubass was designed. They are kind of a pain to install, but well worth it. There's a video on youtube that is very helpful.
I totally gave up on all poly strings because in humid conditions, they get sticky, plus they're a big pain to install and then trim since they stretch so much. I used Pahoehoe until the Kala/Galli flatwound nylon core came out that in my opinion sound very close to poly, never get sticky, settle much faster and easy to install.
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