OMG look what AI can now do...


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Oct 3, 2021
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I'm getting a print of this for my wallfvsnTvQsSGyGLU6BxKcu--1--usi9x.jpg
This explains how I feel about all the AI art.

Incidentally, you'd like his Christmas song - it is worth Googling "Kirby Ferguson and The Wet Spots".
Nice. My UU avatar is courtesy of DALL-E (and a group of unknown artists whose work was used to train the thing). I’ve not had much luck crafting an AI prompt of anything notable.
One of these was supposed to be a September Morn-style painting in the style of Paul Chabas and the other I don't remember the prompt for, let alone the site I visited to generate them, and I thought they were good enough for tagging mp3 files/album art, so I kept them, but I don't think they will be putting anyone out of a job, which computers effectively did for me years ago, yet if I'd been asked to provide a piece of art "in the style of" I probably couldn't have done any better.

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