OMG...NJ earthquake!

It was pretty noticeable down where I am and pretty disturbing. I had never experienced one before
In California, there are laws preventing reporting any quakes below a 5.0 and must be accompanied by video of bottles falling off shelves.
Well, certainly it would be a fairly common event out there. According to NBC News:

"Today's earthquake is the strongest to hit New Jersey in almost 250 years, according to state data."
The last time we had a big quake on the east coast I was working on the 23rd floor of a tower in Boston and it started swaying. Everyone ran out into the hall.
I was in my office, and my chair started bouncing...

Mind you, my office is in the middle of a 90-year-old, 3-storey concrete & Brick over Steel Beam Middle (Built as a high) School, probably 2-225 miles north of the epicenter.

The last earthquake I was involved in, I never noticed, as I was doing CPR at the time. That had to be almost 40 years ago.
The only earthquake I experienced on the East Coast was on Jan. 9, 1982. I was living in New Brunswick (Canada) at the time, when a 5.7 quake hit just a little before 9:00 a.m. Although I encountered numerous earthquakes many years later (while living in California), I still find them to be an unsettling surprise.
I'm a bit late posting, but I wanted to be certain what I felt was a 'quake. I live about 20 miles north of Brattleboro VT, about 250 miles from the epicenter. At the time it occurred there was about 8 inches of heavy wet snow on my metal roof which was melting and due to slide off,. The shaking and rumbling was more violent was more than I expected from snow sliding off the roof, but the news reports at the time didn't report any effects in this area, so I left it at that.
I ran across this article from a local news outlet that confirms that the shaking did indeed extend this far north.
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