On the wall or in the case?


Jan 7, 2024
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Southbury CT
I was wondering how others feel about the merits of displaying your ukuleles on the wall as opposed to keeping them in a hard case with humidity control.
I love having my instruments where I can see them all the time and just reach up and take one down to play. I have a small environmentally controlled room where the temperature is always 70 and the humidity is always between 45 and 50.
I’m hoping that this is as good for my ukuleles as keeping them in a case with individual humidity control.
How do you guys store your ukes and do you feel that hanging them on the wall is not as good for them as in the case?

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As long as they are humidity-controlled, either is good. I see hanging them as a neat way to display and have them ready to go. I have always been one to keep my instruments cased and we have whole home humidification. I have no issues with getting them out to play. My main reason.....protection. Do what works for you.
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I like to keep my instruments out on the main floor as much as possible so I can grab one when the mood hits. That being said I live in Canada and humidity levels will drop into the 20% range when it gets really cold, even with a whole house humidity attached to the furnace. Then the instruments get cased, I will leave one or two out for hours on end when I am playing then case them before I go to bed for the night

I rely heavily on 4 Oasis hygrometers to let me know the exact humidity level in the different rooms I store and play my instruments.

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Mine are in their cases 365 days/year for protection reasons, humidity factors or both. I've become paranoid since I left my solid mahogany uke out for a few days when humidity was hovering around 40% in the house and it developed a hairline crack in the top. It is a hassle in the winter/low humidity months. I keep the cases firmly latched/closed to seal in the humidity and when I want to play them I have to unlatch/open the case and fish the humidifier and hygrometer from around the strings and out of the sound hole. In the warmer months when the humidity is higher it's more casual. I leave the cases unlatched and can just reach in and grab the uke without all the paraphernalia to deal with.
Mine are on the wall with a tray of water below them. I used to keep them in a humidified shelf in a bookcase in my livingroom, but that got too inconvenient with me in my music/office room.

Wall hanging.jpeg
I keep the instruments that I’m currently playing on the wall. The rest live in their cases.
Living on an island with a “tidal” creek in the backyard keeps everything pretty well humidified year round…05EDBBB5-E2F8-4473-AD82-0189FE84D7B8.jpeg920F437C-07F1-4BD2-978F-9C033434143E.jpeg
I have the luxury of good ambient conditions, with humidity rarely outside of 40 - 60 percent, and then only briefly. Temps are moderate, so the heat only runs early morning on the coldest days, and we don't know what AC is. So ideal for hanging instruments on the wall in our TV/jigsaw puzzle/music room, right? Well, so far that has been vetoed, and my pretty things remain hidden and languishing inside their cases.
@TerryM I went through that same battle! It took a lot of concessions and offers of redoing the living room in a more feminine theme before I was able to convince my wife that the ‘den’ should be a ‘music room’ with ukulele’s hanging on the wall in place of the painting that her parents gave us!!
We have a whole house humidification system, so I don't need to do anything special in the winter when the heater is running. I always have two or three ukes out on stands or hanging on wall hooks. The rest sleep comfortably in their cases until I decide to change the rotation.
When I was single and lived alone, I kept everything out on the wall or on a stand.

Then a girl came over and said "WTF, its like you live in a frickin music store or something."

Her, noticing old school Witmer metronome, "Seriously?"

So I backed it down to just two or three hanging at one time.

My biggest mistake was marrying that one. The next one will be a player too!!
Our ukuleles spend most of their non-playing time in cases with humidifiers. Changes in humidity are not a major problem here, but I keep a Bovida bag or an Oasis humidifier and a hygrometer in each case. I don't keep the Oasis in the ukulele body, but rather just use it to stabilized the humidity of the closed case.

The ukuleles are in cases in a cabinet, primarily due to space limitations. Most rooms are setup to be multifunctional. Wallspace is at a premium, since we have built-in cabinetry to store the "props" that we need to transform a room from one function to another. The living room is also the music room, and that is where we keep most of the ukuleles, ukulele music, and accessories when they are not in use. I also have two ukulele and most of my violins and violin music/accessories stored in our bedroom, which also serves as my office, individual practice room, and lately recording studio.

One or two ukuleles often spend the better part of a morning or afternoon on a stand or sitting out in an open case depending on what I'm up to.
Mine are all on the wall, except the one I keep nearby. I guess that makes me a hangman.
I don’t have to worry about children or animals, so all of my ukes are hung on the walls of my downstairs music room. I use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity, and keep a portable humidifier handy for those times when the humidity drops to the low 40s — which is not a frequent occurrence, since I live in Oregon. :)
I keep mine on the wall


Apart from the ones that are in their cases 😏


We don’t really have humidity problems in this damp little corner or the world, well not low humidity anyway. Several of the cases are empty, and the ukes that are in cases are mainly waiting for me to stop procrastinating and sell them.
The Wall. Side One (2 concert ukes), and Side Two (my tenor). Visible, blend in nicely with the plants and room, and always to hand so I can grab one and play in an instant. Admittedly humidity in my place is pretty constant, but regardless, instruments are meant to be seen and played as often as possible!
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