Song Help Request One finger in first fret, second string, what is this whimsical chord?

Thank You janeray1940 for mentioning the James Hill/UkuleleYes website, It's very informative.
I see the chord (I've seen it called both Fadd9 and Fsus2) in many versions of Iz's intro to "Over the Rainbow What a Wonderful World."
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As Ubulele posted before, in a suspended chord, the note (the 2nd or the 4th) replaces the third and resolves to third.

In an Fsus2, the chord tones would be:
F-G-C which would resolve to F-A-C, the G moving up to the A.
on uke 0013 - 2013

I an Fsus4, the chord tones would be:
F-Bb-C which would resolve to F-A-C, the Bb moving down to the A.
on uke X011 - X010 or 3013 - 2013

The important thing to remember here is that traditionally the sus chord always resolves to the third before going to any other chord (as shown in my examples above).

Fsus4 - F - Bb not Fsus4 - Bb

This is with classical music, with pop and jazz, it is a different story.

The naming conventions however are pretty clear, but they get botched up from time to time in webzine articles and on internet forums.... :(

0010 cannot be Fsus2 but it can be Fadd2. :)

Hope this helps to clear things up a little.

Stay strong fans of music literacy! ;)
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