Workshop Online ‘fundamental chord theory’ course kicking off this Saturday!


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Sep 20, 2022
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Hey kids, every year I host my ‘fundamental chord theory’ course on Zoom and it’s genuinely my most favourite thing to teach to all ukulele players as it opens up how I think about navigating the fretboard, chords and composition on the uke.

These workshops are a 5 part deep dive into exploding your chord knowledge and opening up your fretboard. Fed up of the same old s** chords? Want your playing to come alive as you experiment with new ways of finding chords? This is for songwriters, composers, anyone who wants to to really expand on their ukulele musicianship whilst also grasping an understanding of musical harmony.

Week 1 - musical alphabet/major scale shape/building scales
Week 2 - harmonising the major scale (learning how keys work and how to use this)
Week 3 - Opening up the fretboard and learning multiple versions of each chord using the CAGE system
Week 4 - applying the scale theory to your new found chords to create even more crazy and beautiful chords
Week 5 - analysing and learning a chord melody piece to see this all in action

All abilities welcome, this knowledge can be made as easy or difficult as you like :)

Link is here to book in or read more. All the workshops take place on Zoom and are recorded and sent to you to keep so if your timezone doesn’t match up or you miss a live lesson, you’ll still get the lesson and the material. We kick off this Saturday (February 3rd) 🧡
I purchased my ticket last year but didn't get a follow-up email. Are you sending something out before then?
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