Opinions on Samson Meteor USB Mic


Jan 8, 2012
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I am considering doing some audio recording during this Time of self Isolation. What are the opinions on the Samson Meteor USB Mic for accomplishing this? Is there a good program to video and audio at the same time?
I have no experience with this adventure so would prefer not to have to spend too much cash given the uncertainty these days.

In reading my post I thought more information would be helpful. I have a laptop with a camera. A Lenovo T500. Not the latest laptop but works fine for my needs.
The Samson meteor is definately usable to record music for home use/ YouTube, and is probably decent for it's price range.
If you look in the sub forum Ukulele Contests / Seasons of the Ukulele, you will find videos recorded for YouTube. I believe that YorkSteve's videos are recorded with a Samson meteor, so you can get an idea of the sound.

I use a Blue Yeti, which is a more expensive USB microphone, and the more dedicated people use a USB interface that they plug an ordinary microphone into.
If you are looking for good usb mics for pc, Rode and Audio Technica are also well renowned, but like the Blue Yeti these mics are like three times the price of the meteor.

I am not sure if you just want software to grab the audio and video from your usb mic and webcam, or something to edit/record multiple tracks.
I record video and video separately and sync them afterwards in a video editor. But if you are doing one track with no effects and using the webcam, there is probably an easier way.
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When recording Audio, I have mostly been using Audacity. It is completely free. It allows you to record one track at a time, adjust volume etc. and export to wav or mp3.
It is not really a DAW (digital audio workstation), and when it comes to putting in midi stuff and addibg reverb and stuff, I wouldnt recommend it.
I am just currently moving on to Reaper, which is a cheap DAW at $60 and 60 days free trial. Lots of good toturials online.

To edit video, I have mostly been using the old Microsoft movie maker. Not a lot of options, but it never chrashes and makes a fast, perfect render every time. It is not available on new PCs though.
I have tried some freeware options.
ShortCut is simply too ubstable to recommend.
Blender will do the job.
Reaper also has a video editing funktion that looks decent, havent tried it yet. Probably not the most powerful, but if you buy the software for the audio anyway, why not use it.
From reading reviews, I think the most praised payed software for amateurs is PowerDirector. I havent tried it though.

If you plan on record right from the webcam and stuff, perhaps Camtasia is also worth looking into.
I use a Samson Meteor mic, on Linux, running into Audacity, (sound recording/editor), then transfer to Openshot, (movie maker/editor), to add in some pictures, then save it out, & finally post via Youtube. I has certainly been good enough for what I needed. :)
Thanks for the responses. I find some mic's I was considering are back ordered probably from China. Deliveries forcasted to be available in May sometime. Found one Samson Meteor on Amazon finally.
Thanks Again