Ordered Southcoast Medium Gauge strings!


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Jul 19, 2011
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Tanjong Karang, Malaysia
Just purchased a pack of Southcoast Medium Gauge strings from http://www.southcoastukes.com/stringuide_files/meduke.htm after a few online researches to replace my Fremont Blacklines Medium (broke the 1st string!) on the Bruko No. 6/1 soprano. This is gonna be the third string for set for the uke after the previous Pyramid (stock strings) and the Fremonts. Dirk (the Southcoast guy) were so friendly that he answered (really quick!) all my questions about those strings, a really good service. Can't wait to restrung the Bruko! Since YouTube reviews are all on concert/tenor, let's see how its gonna hold up on a tiny soprano! Will update soon! :D
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If your strings are anything like the Southcoast Flatwounds Set I just put on my Mele tenor, then it will surely be a winner. Will now order strings for my concerts.........................................BO.......................
You'll love them!
Those Medium Southcoast are wonderful on both my Kanile'a concert and my Pohaku Art Deco Tenor strung re-entrant, never found anything better than them. They are so balanced in sound and clarity and responsive to the touch. Hope you like them too!
I have them on my tenor and soon on my Sopranos (and linears on my baritones)...you will not be let down, these strings are gold
Hello all,

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words - Khairi has strings crossing the Pacific as I write this.

As new (CITES unrestricted) woods dry for our ukuleles, I have promised my wife and family in this brief interim, to devote all my energies to a little six year personal project that needs to be finally put to rest. As such, I haven't been on the boards lately, and likely won't be back for a bit.

Nonetheless, I sneak a peak from time to time, and thought I'd pop back for a minute to say thanks and wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Dirk . . . Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to your entire ohana as well as the staff at Southcoast. Take care of business, we'll be here. I better put in my string order.
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