UU Podcast Our Biggest Buyer’s Remorse | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #94

Must Have Accessories, Fast Strumming & Beginner Books​

Being the last podcast before Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), Aldrine shares what accessories are great buys, and which ones have caused him buyer's remorse. The guys also cover why you should learn different chord positions, their opinions on wound C, how to strum faster, and good books for beginner uke players. A few members of the underground ask how much they should pay for a uke upgrade, and what can they do to replace a bad pickup? Aldrine tops up the podcast with a story of two Bobs, and how awesome the uke community is! Remember, no Jam this week, but we'll be back next Monday for a new podcast!

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Questions asked this Week:
0:06 We do not offer legal or health advice (Nicktoons and Ukulele: Yes)
2:35 No Jams for Thanksgiving, and No podcast for Christmas and New Years
5:20 What Ukulele accessories should people look for?
11:35 What accessories should people avoid
13:45 Buyers remorse: Pedals
16:55 Buyers remorse: Expensive Cables
27:30 What are the benefits for learning alt chord positions?
32:55 Wound C Strings Opinions?
36:55 Tips for strumming faster
40:22 Practicing fast strums in time
42:40 Keep it loose
44:55 Is there a good book for beginners?
52:05 What can I do to replace pickups?
54:40 How much should I pay to step up to a new uke?
58:10 Aldrine's Big Bob, Little Bob Story
1:07:30 More awesome Uke Player Friends
1:10:10 We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

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