Outdoor ukes - weren't the colors part of the fun?

Enya nova, for one... typically 1/3 the price or less and people have posted in recent days about getting them for a bit under $20. There are other plastic ukes (waterman, woodi, dayone, vorson, the one, etc.) if you just want something to play and/or aren't too picky (or don't like the mini Les Paul look).

Btw, there was also a LE/special run purple outdoor uke.
I am an early adopter of the Outdoor Ukulele and while there are a few different brands now, they were the first decent sounding polycarbonate sopranos. The first examples were not that great, I have one... They improved everything and I picked up a clear one, a green one and one of the Amethyst sopranos. As well as a Ltd. run of the tenor... Mine resided in my MINI Cooper for a number of years and now rides in the truck.
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