Outdoor Ukulele Banjolele Gig Bag?


Dec 12, 2011
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Far North Central Illinois
Bullwinkle has a new home!

OU does not have a gig bag for this, but I found that it fits perfectly in my Gold Tone DLX's bag. Available on the GT website: Gold Tone HBJ
Banjolele Bag - but it does not fit. The upshot is, there is no case for the Outdoor that I could find.

<Stop the presses!> This is the correct part no. for the GT DLX gig bag. However, this is a newer version and has heavy form-fitted padding. That form-fitted padding will not allow the Outdoor Banjolele to go in. The old-style DLX case which I have (but is no longer available) was not form fitted. It just has straight walls so the OUB drops right in.

The old bag is now dedicated to "Bullwinkle," and the DLX now has a new case.

(Oh! And thanks to 3-1-1 for having offered this in UU Marketplace.)

I found a rosewood armrest on eBay for under $8 shipped:
Guitar Arm Rest Guitar Parts For 39-41" Acoustic
(I peeled off the adhesive foam and used sticky-putty instead.)


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