UU Podcast Overlooked Music Skills | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #90

Form, Active Listening, and Phrasing​

This week, the guys are having a discussion about music skills that are overlooked by beginners, but essential to being a better musician. Aldrine makes his argument of Form, Phrasing and Playing with Others. Mike adds in Listening, and Slowing Down. Kahai throws in the bonus skill of Tuning by Ear. The guys talk about expensive custom instruments before showing off their songs for the songwriting challenge. How Aaron picked his "Chord Cousin" leads to a question about changing keys. A couple of last minute questions about intonation and figuring out your own riffs are answered before the podcast ends.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:18 Mike is Back and Songs are Due

3:15 What are overlooked, but useful Music Skills

9:15 Mike's overlooked Music Skills

17:55 Aldrine needs to listen to Mike's Advice

19:15 Kahai's Skill Pick: Tuning by Ear

22:35 Have you played a Moore Bettah Ukulele?

23:25 Expensive Custom Instruments

29:30 Songwriting Challenge #35
Use a Chord Cousin (Chord Outside of the Chord Family or Chord that uses a note outside of the Key)

Topics - Goldfish, Chasing Chickens
Key of E

Due Date: October 30th

31:00 Aldrine's Song

38:20 Kahai's Song

45:50 Aaron's Song

53:40 Is starting with a V the only way to change keys?

58:35 Submit your own songs

1:01:40 What does it mean when the strings are in tune, but it still sounds wonky?

1:08:45 No Perfect Intonation, and Compensating for Intonation

1:13:00 Thank you for supporting UU

1:16:10 Where can we find Mike?

1:18:25 How do you work out your own riffs?

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