Pacquiao vs Hatton

Who will Win?

  • Pacquiao

    Votes: 18 81.8%
  • Hatton

    Votes: 4 18.2%

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i've gone for hatton. enough people have told me otherwise but i have a feeling (and a lot of national pride)

if hatton can get inside and cut off the ring, hatton all the way. going to my wife's cousin's baby's christening on saturday. Pilipino, so they getting the fight. i'm learning winter wonderland so i can play the ricky hatton song between rounds. ...because there's only one...
As long as Hatton doesn't get off a massive and straight, clean shot, Pacquiao will win. I'd be impressed if Pacquiao lands a knock-out punch. I was watching Hatton's fights, and he just takes the hits! Mayweather Sr. is teaching Hatton some defense for once, it seems. This match will be interesting.

Pacq him up!!!
Oh man, just about 19 more hours and we shall see what happens. I have been searching the web for HBO's 24/7 episode 4. i guess no one has uploaded it yet. either be crying or laughing at this time tomor. See if the pacman can do me proud. Rep that pinas!
I think it will be a great fight with pacman winning.
Though, I like both :shaka:
Hahahaha. That was the worst opponent for Pacquiao ever. Man Hatton got tore up!

I actual thought hatton died on the last KO.
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