Paul Okami (KoAloha) Interview on HMS Podcast


Jan 11, 2019
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Michigan, USA
I know that the Hawaii Music Supply podcast isn't everyone's cup of tea (they can ramble a bit..) but they had Paul Okami, one of the son's of the founder of KoAloha, on the show this week. If you want to know more about how (and why) they do what they do, it is worth a watch.

I won't summarize the entire thing, but I learned a lot about the company's origins, about how the Opio line came to be, and we were teased with a possible change coming to their tuners! (Jump to 1:09:47 for that discussion.)
Great interview. I actually only found it because they posted it in the description for the KoAloha BL “Sun” that is for sale currently.
Excellent podcast. Paul and HMS guys are great. Discussion show both companies value which I really like and appreciate. Thanks for bring to our attention.
I subscribe to their YouTube channel. I find it to be a nice background noise when I am working on other things, but this interview I watched start to finish. Great stuff!
I had to break it into two sittings, yet time happily spent. This is the first of these I have seen I could see trying to work it into a regular rotation. Thank you.
It will be interesting to see what new tuners Koaloha starts using that he talked about in the video.
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