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Oct 24, 2015
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HI all.

‘’I play my use at the local buskers but find that the sound is a little flat. At home, I like to add a little bit of reverb and chorus from a couple of mini pedals I have so I was thinking of creating a mini pedal board, in a box, with them in, for me to take with me. Compact is the key here.

the issue is power. At home it’s simple but not so simple at buskers and I’d rather have this as a small box I can just switch on and plug into the amp. To this end I see 2 possible options;

Option 1: power each pedal with a 9v battery using a connector (as they don’t have a figment for one in the pedals).
Option 2: power each pedal from a power bank and use a usb to 9v converter for each. This is my preferred option as the power bank is much more convenient, holds more charge and can be used for other things like charging my pickup battery, wireless receiver ‘ transmitter etc.

the question is, has anyone done something like this and could share their experience / issues? Do those converters even work? Will I get other issues such as noise from the power supply? Etc.

extra question - if I run a usb to 9v converter, can I then put a splitter on that to run both pedals or would I need 1 converter per pedal?
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I would go with a power bank for sure. I have not played out busking and being portable but a powerbank that would last a couple of hours with a charge, power up a few pedals, have a usb output would be a good way to go.

Check the overall power needs of your pedals to determine how many pedals you can run from one connection alone or with a splitter.

While seemingly pricey this unit gives you an all in one with 2 hours of playing time. Could also attach a back up brick to it.

You could also start with a brick you already own but then need to buy the converter unit.

Looks like MXR makes a couple of smaller units BUT you would need the proper cable from your power brick to the MXR unit--which looks like 18v.
This unit could also easily be used at home and plugged into the wall outlet.

You could certainly go a cheaper route. Buy the batteries as you need them

Your listed items should work. And yes at a more affordable price point.

The only issue I see is the converter. Will the converter be able to handle the overall powerload of the three pedals if they are on at the same time?

You likely would not have the tuner on at the same time as the other two, so that can likely be taken out of the mix.

Now your down to running two pedals at the same time off the converter.

Converter says max current 0.8A so you cannot exceed that amount.

Worse case scenario you buy a brick with two usb outputs and two converters, then get a 2 splitter connector.

Run the tuner and one pedal off one converter and the second pedal of the second converter.

Compact, lightweight, enough power, affordable.

Let us know what you get and how it works in the real world.
Those Amazon converters do work surprisingly well. But they randomly die every few years. Normal in the budget power converter world. Grab spare
MyVolts Ripcord 9v DC works very well. Check whether your pedals require centre +ve or -ve power connection before deciding which you need. I've powered a board with four small pedals with a USB power bank, one of these and their crazy chain connectors no problem.