People warned me of UAS, but nobody talks about BAS...

edited to add: 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele by Choan Galvez
(Should not be forgotten, this was in one of my practice bags. Choan put together some really good exercise pieces!!!)

I know I have more than this. A few lent out and/or misplaced/mishelved.

Ukulogy by Badger Brown and Yellow Balolia
Pop & Rock Strumming by Elizabeth Pfeiffer
Ukulele Exercises for Dummies by Brett McQueen
Ukulele for Beginners: Punk Rock on Ukulele by Adrian Gavinson
21 Songs in 6 Days by Jenny Peters and Rebecca Bogart
Easy Ukulele Method by Mary Lou Dempler
Indie Rock Uke by Andrew Driscoll
Ukulele Strumming Fundamentals by John Gonzalez Del Solar

Ukulele Aerobics by Chad Johnson
20 Easy Fingerstyle Studies for Ukulele by Rob Mackillop
Ukulele Expressions by Susan Montgomery
20 Practice Routines for Fingerstyle Ukulele by Jeff Peterson
48 Fingerstyle Studies for Ukulele by Ondrej Sarek

Music Theory
How Songs Work: Understand Chord Progression on the Ukulele by Phil Doleman
Fretboard Toolbox by Scott Sharp

Song Books
Alfred's Easy Ukulele Songs: Classic Rock
Coldplay for Ukulele
Nirvana for Ukulele
Pink Floyd for Ukulele
Punk & New Wave Ukulele Songbook Arranged by Jez Quayle
Ramones Ukulele Songbook Arranged by Jez Quayle
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Just wait until you discover Japanese 'ukulele tutors. :devilish:
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