Pet pictures time, people!

Indoor cat with outdoor privileges. Hangs his legs over wherever he can; steps, chairs... we click the pull tab on a can of wet food and he comes running back in. Well, most of the time ;)

The other one? No accounting for taste.
My cat also is indoor with outdoor privileges. She loves going out front to get a closer look at the birds, squirrels and rabbits who come to the feeder for a snack. She lets me know when it's time to go out by sitting facing the door, glancing at me to make sure I notice her. She knows she will get a treat when she comes back in, so she behaves herself, and often times wants to come in before I make her. It's when I bring the uke outside and strum in the afternoon or drink a hot tea or coffee in the morning, weather permitting.
Tiller got neutered last week… not happy about the “cone of shame”.842696FA-D16A-4AFA-A35C-9563C5E7F922.jpeg
Tiller got neutered last week… not happy about the “cone of shame”.View attachment 175506
These dog diapers avoid a male from having to wear the cone of shame. Much easier for them. Our vet suggested them, and said to only use them when they are inside and not under direct supervision. Our last boy didn't mess with his incision, so he never used them. Our second boy goes in on July 8. We had to use the cone of shame on a surgery our female had near her eye a few years back. Poor girl, but she did well. We cut it back a bit, to give her more maneuverability, but still keeping her from rubbing her stitches. We are hoping the diapers do the trick in July, or nothing if we are lucky again.
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Madeline Kahn taking advantage of a rare sunny morning. From abandoned street cat to cherished family member. Adaptable girl.

like many dogs, ours likes carrots and ice. he has recently discovered limes, when he licked my fingers after making G&Ts, and now he comes running whenever a lime is sliced. saw dog ice cream at the grocery store :LOL:, bacon & cheese flavor! :sick:
I spotted dog ice cream at my local Publix and was gobsmacked. That’s pet love gone too far, IMO. If Willie doesn't’ like the ice cream we eat, he’s just outta luck!
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