pidgin to da max...

eo kanaka a me kama`aina. aloha braddahs. jus cruising chru. long time i nevah go dis site. haha was cleaning out my bookmarks an den i was all thinkng might as well check dis place out. good you guys keep da pidgin goin'! cheeee. most of da days now i just work and surf. gave all my `ukulele to my faddah and my nephews hahaha. i get one, but buggah no more string and i stay lazy for go get new kines.

e kanaka, sunday time stay get one documentary about uncle cyril pahinui and the `ohana in san francisco. asian american film festival das why. kinda junk the two hawaiian kine movies they get playing different days, so i going go tomorrow for see e haku inoa after i pau fish morning time. an den next week stay the kamehameha song contest an den the week aftah stay the merrie monarch. now i remember about this place, i'll cruise back and we wala`au.

e kama`aina, my cousins them live san antonio side i think. i dunno if my cousin retire yet but. army him.he been in long time already. my faddah retired navy. moved to mainland, but rright now he back hawai`i for couple months cause his best friend retire from the navy and moved back too. i think my mom like move back already. but yeah get planny Local people in norcal. planny hawaiian style restaurants but no more poi. so i when grow my own kalo haha. shoots braddahs. keep um goin'..
Eh howzit Bruddah Neil wen drop outta site brah....shoots too much surfing and work eh...hey brah you gotta strum dem strings likey see you go awol from the UU
if you git family or friends in San Antonio, I need some small kine fava lidat.. let me know malama pono and a hui ho....oh da poi ova hea is 5.99 one pound and poke like 14.99 plus dried aku
like 20.00 plus wassup wit dat?
cheee howzit braddah stan. i think they san antonio, but been long time since i seen them so i dunno how much kako`o i can give. i ask my maddah dem tomorrow.

haha i know yeah. last time i saw my nephew them, he wen asked for my `ukulele an like nothin' i wen just give um. so long time i stopped playing. i know i get planny strings somewheres but all in storage when we wen move. so i get one `ukulele no more string looking all had it in the corner hahaha.

hoooo i used to buy pound pa`i `ai $20 plus da kine $10 shipping! brok da mout an da wallet haha lucky t`ing my friend wen give me huli for grow. get maybe couple dozen keiki. but da la`au small kine and the corm more small! my dad just sent wasabi poke and waiahole bag poi but never last long. had to hide um from my sister dem hahaha
eh try chek out dis site , da brodda trying for bring bak da traditional poi making movement, good for him. make me like order kalo for plant an pound my own... no need slab, i use anty's kitchen table, long as i no brake em! you know wat, i almost like see if i can pound enough poi for sell to the local L&L or local farmer's market... these texans goin be like "What's this here dang ol purple goop?" hahaha
yeah, das wea i stay get um. i shame ask my cousins dem for care package so i wen just get um there. just super expensive yeah? i took the 90 day challenge, but den i just wen use da kine taro brand. had one place over hea, had poi fresh from hawai`i, but sold out quick.
I wen make um myself, haole version though... i no shame! lol (no judge ok?) hahahaha... got the taro bulb from a bin of elephant ear roots at Home Depot that i saw lol poi1.jpgpoi2.jpgpoi3.jpgpoi4.jpgpoi5.jpg
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I de find dis tred dis day. I don get sorprise big time. I no de have palava when I go read him. I no de spik Hawaii pidgin, but I don pass time when I go be pickin in Lagos, Nigeria e di pidgin der him don sound same Hawaii pidgin - No same same - true, bot same same small.

I go read dis tred in de days to com.
ho kama`aina! lookin' good. blender poi haha. taste `ono or wot?

e barbablanca, nigerian creole? i get friends talking li dat. neva undastand so you gotta teach me, so i can wala`au with dem guys. ho they would trip out.
yups! i wen make um and trew um in da fridge, next thing i kno my ohana wen eat um all up befo i could even get one healthy serving for myself. Dey like em more sweet, so i had to make more already, another cup of sugar. Make plenny dis time tho, even get one bowl jus for me... I NO SHAME! hahaha
.... e barbablanca, nigerian creole? i get friends talking li dat. neva undastand so you gotta teach me, so i can wala`au with dem guys. ho they would trip out.

If ya friends dey de speak creole. Sure-sure, dey don use words dat don come from Yoruba. Den you no go sabe spik dis variation. I de speak Lagos pidgin. Bot when I go see tings for de tele bout Lagos dis day. I don be sad. De peepol dis day dey de speak "English" wid accent de Nigeria. Dey no go speak "Lagos Pidgin" like when I be pickin. Everytin don change, man! Dat is de life!
brah i just took one spanish class... its like evertime him say "de" its like he sayin "of"... ¡interesante!
i like say a cup but u kno da kine, i jus eye em. the more "mainlander" your friends are, the more sugar lol
Aloha e Kanaka! I doing good. just wen move (still stay san jose side but), an den my `ukulele all lonely, so I just start for cruise back. of cos, gotta go pidgin board hahaha. you guys still kanikapila? my cousins dem stay elk grove, so maybe i holoholo ka`a my mom dem up your side.

hahaha e kama`aina, i wen bring one bag poi for one tailgate an den only get me wen grind um. was good waiahole poi too. shut up dese wannabe local peopo hahahahahah couldnt hang brah! but i gotta be nice ah, so i going start um off slow. i'll just use supahmahket kalo for them not my keiki.
Mahalos Andrew fo da vid . . . freakin funny! Too bad nobody wen make one for us local guys so we can tak pidgin.
Since Stan wen bring dis up . . . how meny odda locals goin join in? Jus one cultural ting.
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