plastic sopranino??


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Sep 4, 2012
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Centennial, CO
With the sudden outpouring of lots of plastic ukes in the past couple of years I'm surprised no one has done a plastic sopranino yet. The sell of plastic is for durable portability...

I found a video of a 50's plastic sopranino being played here:

I've been thinking the same thing lately. I also have a Carnival sopranino like his but with a Hawaiian motif. It's one of my keeper ukes.
Nothing at all. I have an Ohana sopranino as well. I like them both for different things.
Dang, a little overdone on the triplets, but this guy is good. To me, the plastic sounds just like my wooden sopranino.
UKulelezaza is impeccable! That is the iconic plastic ukulele video, for sure. (note: at least a dozen of the views on the view count are from me, over the years).

I love ukes, but would never buy a plastic sopranino. I think the uke is "toy-ish" enough at my preferred size of soprano.
UKulelezaza (Remco) and our own Ken Middleton from UU. What a song!
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