please help, buzz in open pick still after string change


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Oct 21, 2008
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g'day guys, im in real need of some help here, i just spent a week waiting for my new strings and bridge pins to come through, and i still have a loud buzz and vibration in my kanile'a k-1 tenor, as i said i replaced them with worth clears and theres stilll the same issue, could anyone please offer any adivce and help?
Ok first question.

Buzzing on one string or all strings?
its buzzing from the c,e and a string
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Ok lets try and locate where the buzzing is coming from?

Try touching/pressing the parts of the Uke as you pluck the strings, like the bridge, the nut, around the sound hole etc this may help locate where the buzz is coming from.

You may also have a buzz from the slots in the nut; try loosening one string and slip a small piece of paper around the string at the nut and re tighten and pluck the string.

Trial & error...
the main buzz is comming from E string and the area that it is buzzing is in the rear left side of the ukulele, what i mean is, if u lay the ukulele infront of u sound hole side up with the headstock furthest away from you its buzzing behind the sound hole on the left rear side.... you know i actually just tried placing a piece of string under the nut like u suggested and it seemed to of made it sound better, still i tiny slight buzz still noticeable but not as bad
Does it have a pickup? I had one that had a pickup wire hanging down and touching the back of the uke which caused a buzz as the back vibrated. Just had to bend the wire up away from the back.
g'day im guessing at the moment it may have something to do with the nut and brace, so im going to look on the net for different things, will post back soon, do you two guys, thanks for posting, it dosnt have a pickup and the buzz seems to not be coming out the sound hole,will keep use posted thanks for those with there help so far
did the buzz happen before the string change or after? if its before then its most likely not a loose brace. I'm thinking it's the string tension and probably buzznig on the 11th or 12th fret (thats where it vibrates the most) the higher the tension, the less vibration.
Uke still not fixed, was false alarm arrrgghhh, still buzzing really bad in the e string, so back to plz help me, how do i check if the braces are loose
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Did you buy the uke new? Maybe you could call the manufacture for some help. Worst case scenario could be the neck is warped our something in the ukulele structure is loose. Does it buzz when pressing down on the frets our just open pluck? What kind of tuners do you have? If they are geared tuners look at the nut on the top were the strings go onto and make sure the tuner fastener nuts are tighten . Also if you have one of thoes clip on tunerers those can make a buzz as well when cliped onto the headstock.
thanks mate, yeh its buzzing open string, im gonna email kanilea and ask them, its only 3 months old and i honestly have no idea what im looking at or looking for
if you alredy havent tried its possible the screw on your geared tuners are loose, if there are check to see if there are snug down but don't overtorque it. Here is a image of what i am talking about .
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if you alredy havent tried its possible the screw on your geared tuners are loose, if there are check to see if there are snug down but don't overtorque it. Here is a image of what i am talking about .

Good call. Definitely worth checking out.

Keithy, are the ends of your strings trimmed? long string ends can buzz against the headstock.

Is the action at the nut too low? Does the uke still buzz if you play with a capo on the first fret?
g'day, with the kanilea they dont have that sort of nut on the top, to BuddhUU, yeh it still buzzes when pressed down on the first fret, from there like 2nd and third it seems to go away, its still brand new the uke, like only really been played a hand full of times, the buzz came out of no where, opened my case a week ago, strummed it, and noticed the buzz, so i honestly dont know how to check if the action is too low ect... its been sitting there and really makin me kinda upset, saved for a whole year to buy it, and after only 3 months, it sounds wose then my beat around ukulele that cost me $100 which ive had for 2 year
As it's still new I'd be reluctant to do anything that might interfere with warranty.

Have you contacted the retailer direct? The retailer and the manufacturer should be made aware. They may be able to help.
i have been in contact with the store i bought it from in australia and also just emailed kanilea themselves, ive swapped out the bridge pins that surely wont affect warranty will it, idiot me lost 2 while taking the first set of strings off lol
When you changed your strings, did you have the setup redone. Most here will flame in for saying that, but I can tell you that Worth's are thin and I would guess they're not seating properly in a nut designed for more than likely thicker strings.

Personally, if I change a string set, I have in my mind that I'm also swapping out the nut and possibly the saddle. Why? The nut slots may no longer fit properly, and the saddle may have to be redone/recompensated. For me, the best time to change strings brands is when installing a pickup, and going to thicker strings - this way its just labor, and not material. Fortunately for me, Savarez and D'Addario are very very similarly gauged.

BTW, if I wasn't clear, setup costs are worth it, probably $50 USD or so, depends on the person working on it. Although, Kanilea sets theirs up pretty good to begin with. Of course, that doesn't matter in your case since you already changed your strings.