Please, somebody buy this

Just played this. It's in excellent shape. I couldn't see any significant scratches and there are no cracks or repairs. I'm not a baritone player, but if you are, it seems like a good deal. You may even be able to knock them down on price a bit.

Newer Kamaka HF-1D for $1300 plus import taxes. In Japan.

Newer Kamaka HF-1D for $1300 plus import taxes. In Japan.

You know I can’t!!! I just can’t!!! 🤣
I know this isn’t a one off like this thread is generally used for, but I just got this email and I was shocked. They look super cool, very beautiful and I can almost guarantee they will sell out.

5 unique u-basses.

@KohanMike there’s only two left!
I read that Pops said his first KoAloha's were modeled on Kamaka's .
I didn't read the original post well and had thought it was a Kamaka just on shape. Then I saw the logo on the headstock and was like... WHAT!? Pretty cool.
Saw this Kanilea Oha on Reverb, looks pretty nice. Too bad it's in Japan and shipping to US is so expensive. And, Joe's wife's name is not Kretin, although I was once called that, but with a "C" :) Those auto-translations often yield some weird stuff.

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