Please, somebody buy this

I decided not to buy this one because I want a concert, but this seems like a good price for a KoAloha soprano. The seller seems to have good ratings too.


I was going to put this here earlier this morning. It already sold and I'm hardly surprised. It looks so nice!
Hank outdid himself on that one. The wood is sooo pretty, and a headstock treatment I haven't seen him do. Very nice.
Anuenue US200 with a very attractive buy it now price

That was a very attractive price -- this is a dangerous thread.
This little bird lives with me now. ❤️ I love everything about her.
Thanks so much for the heads-up!
Nice deal with original gigbag plus an $80.00+ case

Nice deal with original gigbag plus an $80.00+ case

Excellent little ukes, those HPL Martins. I picked up a secondhand one with the bamboo pattern and it plays beautifully, tuned up to D. Were I still in the US I'd snap that up at the Buy It Now price.
Sticking with the green soprano theme:
Can someone please buy one of these?

I'm really curious about how they sound. I am in the market for a travel uke, but this one probably doesn't fit my needs (I need something that can survive being left in the car in the Summer in the desert SW USA) so I can't really justify it.
They are so cute! I couldn’t resist. I needed a good chord chart and note finder anyway. :p
I’ll let you know how it sounds.
Guitar Center has been dumped on a bit here lately, but this does seem like a reasonable price for a white label HF-2. You can save a few more dollars if you use the Be Frugal cash back app which always offers 3% cash back (occasionally 5%) at GC.

If you buy that Kamaka it may be "vintage" in the eyes of GC, meaning the return window is shorter
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