Please, somebody buy this

The Cornerstone tenor is also amazing:
Another one that most of us can't afford but it lovely: A Moore Bettah. Ukulele Friend posted it on their YT channel this morning, but I don't see it on the UF website yet, (unless I overlooked it.)
If you ever have the opportunity and are within the range of owning an MBU go for it.
This has been on the site for weeks or months. Can someone DM me the asking price if you know?
This thread cracks me up. It’s full of amazing ukes I am in no danger of affording. For me to become in danger of needing to be held back, it would need to be “Martin OXK concert for $150” or something 🤣
That's why I mentioned the Enya guitar! :D
This one appeals to me more than most of the Moore Bettahs. I appreciate the artistry in the inlays, but tend to not like them. This one looks and sounds lovely. Beautiful wood.
Same here. The inlays are nice, but the relative simplicity of this one makes it just elaborate enough for an instrument that can be played every day. And of course it sounds great!
Oh my, the b/w ebony with Manzer wedge body Ono!
Oh my, the b/w ebony with Manzer wedge body Ono!
TUs has been getting some glorious ukes! Ono ukes are so beautiful.
I've been stalking their site for a Koolau soprano and lo- they did a video of one a few days back- GOA! Gone on arrival!
I have been getting some amazing ukes off Aliexpress..Snail makes some really cool looking ukes. The prices are all over the shop so you have to do your research. I picked up their flagship S60C for $500 AUD which is a great price. i also have their S10 which was under $300.
So far I have been lucky that everyrhing has been as described and the quality IMHO is as good as the K brands...tho the K brands still sound better projection and sustain wise.
Price drop on this Elite concert, with free shipping too!

That's a great price on a Kala Elite. I had an Elite soprano, and it was a really nice sounding instrument, if just a tad heavy (I think the Elites all have truss rods)...