Please, somebody buy this

Oh dang, I misunderstood what they said during the podcast. I though this was going to be a raffle, which honestly I think would generate a lot more money for Maui!

A raffle would be great
Make the tickets a $100/ piece.


$100 a piece may still be a bit steep for some of us ^^;;;; But I bet a nice at like $5 per raffle chance would easily be able to bring in a few thousand dollars.

Not to put pressure on anyone, but I know Rebel has been active on the forum and had a contest here recently, so I am just tagging Yo to float the idea to them because I love Rebel. @just yo
$300 Koaloha Opio Concert, however, the seller has no seller rating at all so my scam sensors are also perking up...🕵️‍♀️

A lovely Ono 16" concert.
All the talk of the new Kanilea Oha could always go back in time!

kinda small to be a pineapple... maybe a kiwi?
kinda small to be a pineapple... maybe a kiwi?
It had already been in my watch list. Soon a NUD to follow 🎸
Stigma posted a beautiful Cutaway Tenor
Stigma Guitars Walnut & Sugar One Tenor
And the price is so right
Nice looking instrument! And his other models are priced super-nice, also! The back story behind the business name is quite interesting. I hope he continues to have success in his endeavors.

Has anyone played a Stigma ukulele and can comment on it?
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