Pohaku Art Deco concert 10

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built Sep 2013
in mint condition.
flamed maple back and sides
curly koa top and body binding
tobacco burst high gloss finish
peghed tuners
art deco fretboard and headstock inlays
maple bridge
pohaku custom hardshell case
$1150 shipped.
paypal gift.

That's so heavenly, Jon. Peter is a freaking genius, I'll tell you. Top-notch!
Yeah Steve. He's an amazing builder. This one is a sweetheart for sure. Cheers brother.
What a beautiful instrument, and superb playing - always a treat. Hope you sell it fast and continue posting to your youtube channel (last I check your usual one was closed). Wish I could afford this - it has good karma :)
Don't have the money, or else I would be jumping on it. Stunning uke. I love Pohaku's and that Concert10 seems an interesting concept. I recently played the Turner's Pohaku and that was hands down the best sounding ukulele I've ever played. Good luck on the sale!
Thankyou for the kind words everyone.

Certainly I would prefer a direct sale but would also be prepared to make a trade if anyone is interested in that idea, but my tastes are fairly narrow.

I'd like a Pohaku soprano; a Black Bear concert; an Ono concert or baritone; a Barron River soprano or concert; a Mya Moe soprano or super-soprano; a Hollywood model 9 or 10 or a Big Rusty soprano or concert resonator. Or a wood bodied National reso. Prepared to up-trade and add some cash or down trade and receive a little. Thanks all for your consideration.
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