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Mar 19, 2008
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Purchased new a couple of months ago. Excellent condition with just some strum marks showing. I'm a big fan of Peter's work and have owned a few of his ukulele's. Compared to a normal concert, the body seems to fall in between a soprano and concert and the scale length looks slightly shorter than my Kamaka concert. Here's a link and text to the original listing. Currently strung with the greenish AG x AQ strings. Free shipping and might get around to making a sound sample. Overall, it plays and feels great.

"This is a new Concert 10 sized instrument out of the Pohaku workshop.It’s body is built out of Hawaiian grown Cuban mahogany, a somewhat rare species of mahogany which has been consistently making some excellent little instruments at Pohaku Ukulele

This little concert scale length ukulele was dye tinted to create the simple deco design pattern wrapping the body and then lacquer finished. The lacquer is buffed out super smooth. The rosewood fretboard has small oval maple markers inlaid and the peghead cap also has a small wooden ‘deco-keystone’ inlay. Tuning is through planetary 4:1 ratio Peghead brand tuners.

This is a very light (15ozs.) minimalist traditional style ukulele that’s ready to almost jump out of your hands when it’s strummed its sound is so sparky and bright. The fretwork is second to none and its small accurate frets and excellent instrument set-up make this real easy to play. It’s intonation is great and it plays sweetly in tune.

The back is arched as Pohaku instruments are. The traditional slotted Rosewood bridge is carefully and precisely made with varying slot widths to accommodate the varying width strings of the Ukulele. The G string slot can accept either a high or low G string. The nut is bone and the saddle is a hard ebony. There are 15 frets overall on a concert 14.75” scale length.

Overall the ukulele is about 23” long and it will come in its own tweed covered hardshell case."

*Struggling with the photos...will try and more later.

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I'm open to trades for a soprano. Brands I'm interested in include: Timms, Wunderkammer, Black Bear, Mya Moe, Bean Sprout, Martin (modern). I'm probably missing something...?

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Beautiful! I love the deco design.
Hi All, thanks for the replies and trade offers. I just wanted to mention that I am also open to trade concerts and tenors. I typically favor instruments made in the US/Hawaii, Japan and Europe. Happy to add or accept cash as part of the trade.
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